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Social insurance is comprised of programs that minimize the negative impact of economic shocks on individuals and families. They include publicly provided or mandated insurance schemes against old age, disability, death of the main household provider, maternity leave and sickness cash benefits, and social-health insurance. Social insurance programs are contributory and beneficiaries receive benefits or services in recognition of contributions to an insurance scheme. Please refer to the ASPIRE program classification for social insurance categories and sub-categories included in ASPIRE performance indicators.

The ASPIRE database provides performance indicators of social insurance disaggregated by 2 harmonized program categories (contributory pensions and other social insurance), by rural and urban geographical areas, by quintile of the (pre and post transfer) welfare distribution, and by those living below PPP $1.90 a day. The following dashboards offer a preview of the richness of the ASPIRE database. ASPIRE indicators definitions.

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