ASPIRE: The Atlas of Social Protection - Indicators of Resilience and Equity


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Percentage of population participating in Social Protection and Labor programs (includes direct and indirect beneficiaries). The indicator is estimated by program type, for the entire population and by quintiles of both the post-transfer and pre-transfer welfare distribution. Programs are aggregated into social assistance, social insurance and labor market according to ASPIRE classification . Indicators for all SPL programs provide the totals summing up the social assistance, social insurance and labor market figures. Specifically, coverage is (Number of individuals in the quintile who live in a household where at least one member receives the transfer)/(Number of individuals in that quintile).


Coverage of Social Protection and Labor Programs, % of all population

Source: Global Social Protection, World Bank

Program participation by 1st 20% - All Social Protection (%)

   Description of the process by which harmonized SPL program participation and transfer amount variables are constructed
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Created from: World Bank, Global Social Protection