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Assessing Africa's Policies and Institutions


CPIA Africa is an annual report that describes the progress Sub-Saharan African countries are making on strengthening the quality of their policies and institutions. Forty percent of the countries saw a deterioration in their overall quality of policies and institutions in 2016, more than in 2015, and the number of countries with a decline in CPIA score outpaced improvers by a margin of two to one. The dispersion in policy and institutional quality among the region’s IDA countries increased in 2016. With a CPIA score of 4.0, Rwanda again led all countries in the region; Senegal and Kenya were among the top scoring countries, each posting a score of 3.8.

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Average Scores

Overall IDA
3.2 2016  
Sub-Saharan IDA
3.1 2016  
Fragile Countries - SSA
2.8 2016  

2016 CPIA Africa

2016 Trend

2016 Economic Management

Changes in 2016

Cluster Scores

Changes  in Cluster D  in 2016

Governance Cluster

Changes  in Cluster D  in 2015

Created from: World Bank, CPIA

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