Economic management (Cluster A) covers the quality of three closely related policy areas: monetary and exchange rate, fiscal, and debt. The CPIA score for the economic management cluster and the components of this cluster reflect the overall prudent stance of policies in Sub-Saharan African countries, the flexibility of policies to respond to shocks, and the appropriate use of policy buffers. The 2015 average scores for the region’s 38 IDA countries are monetary and exchange rate policy, 3.4; fiscal policy, 3.1; and debt policy, 3.3. More than one-third of the region’s countries (13) saw a slippage in their economic management score, up from 11 countries in 2014. A few countries saw an improvement in this score, thanks to efforts aimed at restoring macroeconomic stabilization. Overall, the regional score for the economic management cluster remained broadly unchanged at 3.3, despite weaker performance on monetary and exchange rate and fiscal policies.

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