Social Inclusion and equity cluster (Cluster C) covers wide range of policy areas such as gender equality, equity of public resource use, human development, social protection, and environmental sustainability are covered under this cluster. The regional score for Cluster C was 3.2 in 2015, continuing the flat trend observed since 2012. The human development component assesses the quality of national policies and public and private sector delivery in health and education. The gender equality component assesses the extent to which a country has enacted and put in place institutions and programs to enforce laws and policies that promote equal access for men and women to human capital development and productive and economic resources, and which give men and women equal status and protection under the law. The average score for this category has remained at 3.2 since 2005, reflecting not only the large gender inequalities in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also the difficulty of changing norms about gender. The human development CPIA score for Sub-Saharan Africa remained unchanged in 2015 at 3.5. The gap between fragile countries (score 3.2) and non-fragile countries (score 3.8) remained substantial.

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Key Indicators


Gender Equality

Equity of Public Resource use

Building Human Resources

Social Protection and Labor

Policy and Institutions for Environmental Sustainability