Social Inclusion and equity cluster (Cluster C) covers wide range of policy areas such as gender equality, equity of public resource use, human development, social protection, and environmental sustainability are covered under this cluster. The regional average score for Cluster C was stable at 3.2 in 2013. The CPIA human development score rose steadily in recent years—from 3.3 in 2009 to 3.5 in 2013—reflecting strides in both health and education. Overall, progress in building human resources is comparable to that in other regions. Substantial improvement in the quality of human resources in fragile countries moved their average score closer to that of fragile states in other regions.

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Cluster Indicators


Created from: World Bank, CPIA

Key Indicators


Gender Equality

Equity of Public Resource use

Building Human Resources

Social Protection and Labor

Policy and Institutions for Environmental Sustainability