Public sector Management and Institutions (Cluster D) covers governance and public sector capacity issues: property rights and rule-based governance, quality of budgetary and financial management, efficiency of revenue management, quality of public administration, and transparency, accountability and corruption in public sector. In the 2014 CPIA cycle, strengthening occurred within the governance cluster, with nine countries showing improvements in scores—more than twice the number of countries with declines. The area with the largest progress was the quality of public financial management (six countries), followed by transparency, accountability, and corruption in the public sector (four countries). Zimbabwe experienced an increase of 0.5 point in its overall average score; Chad experienced an increase of 0.2; and Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia Madagascar, Mauritania, and Uganda saw an improvement of 0.1 (figure 13). The score for governance cluster increased to 3.0 from 2.9 this year.

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Cluster Indicators


Created from: World Bank, CPIA

Key Indicators


Property Rights and Rule-Based Governance

Quality of Budgetary and Financial Management

Efficiency of Revenue Mobilization

Quality of Public Administration

Transparency, Accountability, and Corruption in the Public Sector