Public sector Management and Institutions (Cluster D) covers governance and public sector capacity issues: property rights and rule-based governance, quality of budgetary and financial management, efficiency of revenue management, quality of public administration, and transparency, accountability and corruption in public sector. During 2017, Cluster D scores of three countries improved and 6 countries recorded a decline, of which two countries, Burundi and South Sudan continued their deteriorating trend over the last three years . Cabo Verde, Central African Republic and Togo have shown improvement (increase of 0.1-point in their overall governance score) essentially from strengthened efforts in improving “pubic financial management” and enhancing “transparency and accountability and combating corruption” in the public sectors.

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Cluster Indicators


Created from: World Bank, CPIA

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Key Indicators


Property Rights and Rule-Based Governance

Quality of Budgetary and Financial Management

Efficiency of Revenue Mobilization

Quality of Public Administration

Transparency, Accountability, and Corruption in the Public Sector