This is a preview of the Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals which will be released in April 2017. The Atlas is built around World Development Indicators (WDI) 2017 - the World Bank’s compilation of internationally comparable statistics about global development and the quality of people’s lives.

For each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), selected indicators have been identified and visualized to analyze trends and challenges, and to elicit discussion on measurement issues. In some cases, new indicators have been added to the database, and supplementary data from published studies or reports have been used.

The statistics used in this report are the result of a collaboration of numerous international agencies, over 200 national statistical offices and many others. It draws on statistical and subject area expertise from both within and beyond the World Bank.

Preview of maps in the Atlas

The upcoming Atlas contains over 100 charts, maps and visualizations which explore data related to the SDGs.

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