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About us

Jobs Diagnostics and Data is a World Bank Group project housed in the Jobs Group, which has standardized data, tools, indicators and a guided enquiry to help development practitioners identify the key jobs problems in a country, as a first step to finding priority solution areas.

Inclusive development happens through Jobs and Economic Transformation.  People benefit from work in a growing economy when they join the labor force and find a job, get better at the work they are doing, or move to a better job.  The Jobs Diagnostics and Data Project provides key indicators (the Global Jobs Indicators database (JOIN) to track jobs with economic transformation in all countries for which the World Bank has household survey data.  This site facilitates Jobs Diagnostics by providing these indicators to the public, along with standardized tools to process new data sets, international benchmarks for normal ranges, a guided enquiry of key questions to ask, and guidelines and training in Jobs Diagnostics.

JOIN contains over 100 standardized jobs indicators for 168 countries using over 1,800 surveys. These indicators are disaggregated by male/female, urban/rural, youth/adult, and by education level. Comparable across economies, the data is useful for research and policy discussions on jobs strategies.

The Jobs Diagnostic approach, standardized data tools, guidance and data bases were developed in the World Bank by Maddalena Honorati and Mario Gronert