Data on Statistical Capacity

Data Group releases 2020 Statistical Capacity Indicator scores

The 2020 scores provide individual country and aggregate country group scores for the overall Statistical Capacity Indicator (SCI) average, three categories (Methodology, Source Data, and Periodicity), and 25 individual indicators.

Explore Statistical Capacity Indicator Dashboard

Access country dashboards displaying tables and graphs with the latest data and trends on Statistical Capacity. For a detailed description of the Statistical Capacity Indicator including metadata click here.

Statistical Capacity Indicator Data Query

The data query contains all 25 indicators the Statistical Capacity Indicator is being composed of, as well as the scores for each assessment area and overall score. It furthermore allows aggregates to be built for comparison reasons.

Statistical Capacity Indicator API

Statistical Capacity Country Profile

The Statistical Capacity Country Profile is a user-friendly online database providing key information on statistical systems of developing countries. Along with the Statistical Capacity Indicator, it facilitates the assessment of countries’ statistical capacity.

About the Portal

Statistical Capacity is a nation’s ability to collect, analyze, and disseminate high-quality data about its population and economy. Quality statistics are essential for all stages of evidence-based decision-making, including:

  • Monitoring social and economic indicators
  • Allocating political representation and government resources
  • Guiding private sector investment
  • Informing the international donor community for program design and policy formulation

The World Bank’s Statistical Capacity Indicator is a composite score assessing the capacity of a country’s statistical system. It is based on a diagnostic framework assessing the following areas: methodology; data sources; and periodicity and timeliness. Countries are scored against 25 criteria in these areas, using publicly available information and/or country input. The overall Statistical Capacity score is then being calculated as simple average of all three area scores on a scale of 0-100.



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